Why compare auto credit quotes?

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When looking for a car loan, using an auto credit comparator is the ideal solution to find the best deal. Indeed, comparing the quotes:

  • You save money: By putting different offers on top of each other, you can easily find the cheapest car loan quote;
  • You save time: comparing auto credit quotes directly on an online simulator saves you from taking steps with several banks or credit companies. So, your car loan search time is minimized.

The comparison of auto credit quotes is free, fast and without commitment. So you have everything to gain!

How to get auto credit quotes?

It is very easy to get auto credit quotes. Just go on a car credit comparison like Oberon.com and fill out a simple form on your car purchase project.

Fill out the auto loan simulation form

Fill out the auto loan simulation form

In order to compare auto credit quotes, the simulator asks you to fill in some basic information about yourself and your project. You will have to inform:

  • The type of vehicle you want to sharpen: new or used car, opportunity of more or less than two years …;
  • The brand, the model, the engine of the vehicle (petrol, diesel, LPG, electric …) and the date of purchase;
  • The loan amount, which can not exceed 75 000 € (like all consumer loans);
  • The duration or the monthly payments desired for the repayment of the car loan;
  • Your personal situation: single, married, divorced etc., dependent children …;
  • Your professional situation: occupation, net income, type of contract (fixed-term, permanent, temporary …), seniority in the company …;
  • Your banking situation: other credits in progress …

Access to auto credit quotes

Access to auto credit quotes

Once this information is filled, the comparator does the work for you! In just a few seconds, you can access the car loan quotes available for you adapted to your profile. All you have to do is compare the items filled in to be linked to the credit institution of your choice and apply for a loan.

The quotes tell you the possible solutions, with in detail:

  • The total amount of the car loan, including the amount borrowed and interest;
  • The APR of the loan (annual percentage rate of charge, formerly TEG for overall percentage rate), which takes into account all the costs incurred by the subscription of the loan;
  • The amount of the monthly payments to be paid or the total duration of the credit.

How to compare auto credit quotes?


Before subscribing to your car loan, it is important to compare the loan quotes to be sure you have the best deal. How to proceed ?

The main criteria to be evaluated are the total cost of the loan, its interest rate (APR) and the amounts of the monthly payments to be repaid. But also be careful about other criteria, which can vary considerably from one institution to another, such as processing fees, opening fees or guarantee fees.

Attention to insurance

When you take out a car loan, the borrower insurance is optional. Some credit quotes include insurance in their price, while others do not include it. It is therefore necessary to be vigilant: at the same rate and the equivalent duration, two credits may have different monthly payments, since one does not take into account the borrower’s insurance when the other does.

If you want to take out credit insurance, it is also better to compare the offers rather than automatically accept the offer of your car credit organization! Here you will again be able to make significant savings.

What is the best car loan?

car loan

Because all profiles and situations are different, there is no better auto credit in the absolute. The best auto loan is simply one that offers you the most advantageous terms, including the lowest interest rate. Good news: it is very easy to find it by comparing auto credit quotes online!

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